Vision, Mission and Values

Democratic, Justice, Peaceful and Inclusive Society


The Legal Rights Forum strives for a progressive and inclusive society by Strengthening the Rule of Law; Improving Access to Justice and Access to Health; Protecting Human Rights for all focusing Women, Children, Person with Disabilities, Minorities and Transgender Rights; Reforms in Criminal Justice System, Jails, Police, Labour Laws and Women Land Issues; Promoting Democracy, Democratic Institutions, Good Governance, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Public Interest Litigation, Environmental Rights, Labor Rights, Child Rights, Youth Empowerment and Education for All.
  • Advocacy and Awareness for demanding and enabling environment for marginalized communities without any discrimination for peace building, justice, equity, quality education and democratic governance in Pakistan.
  • Providing pro-bono legal assistance, psychological counseling, community paralegal trainings of the marginalized group of society as well as survivors of gender based violence.
  • Promoting and protecting human rights focusing women and children rights, filling pubic interest litigations, fighting against all kinds of discrimination, gender based violence, human rights abuses, environmental rights by strengthening rule of law and good governance;
  • Capacity building of youth as peace building ambassadors; law students and fresh law graduates as legal experts; teachers to maintain quality education; media representatives based on quality and within the legal standards reporting on criminal justice system nationwide through internship; fellowship and advance level training programs; To sensitized all justice and education stakeholders on gender discrimination, human rights abuse, women, child, minorities rights and quality education for all.
  • Organizational development by providing legal service and facilitation in information about registration process and amendments such as Society Registration Act, Social Welfare Act, Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan under section 42, Trust Act and legal services extend to CSOs, CBOs, NGOs, INGOs and capacity building of their team members through Civil Society Sustainable Initiatives (CSSI);

Values and Culture

  • We believe in democracy, rule of law, human rights, peace building and dignity.
  • We believe in progressive and inclusive society where all citizens are free to participate fully in civic, economic, social and cultural life.
  • We believe in addressing inequality, caring, sharing, nurturing of colleagues, friendly environment, mutual trust, respect, participatory decisions and encouragement.
  • We are committed for access to justice and quality education for all without discrimination.