Women Empowerment Fund: To support women gives them tools to become powerful forces for positive change in their personal lives, in their families and in their communities. Your support addresses the most critical needs of women and girls in Pakistan including: increasing legal rights; ending violence against women; expanding economic opportunities; promoting women`s political participation; and providing girls education.

  • Supporting Women to Join Law Enforcement and Judicial System: Donate $600 for one women fresh law graduates for six month training, internship to join law enforcement and judicial system.

Pro-bono Legal Aid and Counseling: Donate $ 250 to LRF Fellows pro-bono lawyers and Counselors across Pakistan for legal documentation, transportation costs and to maintain the counseling center; to provide legal representation in court cases to all focusing survivors of GBVs, Children in detention, Labour workers, Person with Disabilities, Person with Mental illness, Minorities and Transgender.

Full time defense Lawyer: Donate $12,000 for full time defense lawyer for one year.

Public Interest Litigations: Donate $10,000 for filling Public Interest Litigation in Supreme Court Pakistan and $5000 in High Courts of Pakistan.

Rights Awareness Posters and Radio Programs: Donate $150 for the distribution of 50 rights awareness posters, 100 leaflet and one Radio Program reaching thousands with necessary legal information.

Capacity Building and Training for Justice stakeholders: Donate $100 for justice stakeholders 3days training workshop consisting 20 participants. to protect individuals rights

LRF Annual Fund: Gifts to the LRF Annual Fund to our annual operations and programs for developing peaceful and inclusive society.

LRF Endowment Fund: Gifts to the LRF Endowment Fund provide for the long-term future of the Forum and ensure that initiatives launched today they can sustain on long term.