Providing legal assistance and psycho-social support

LRF providing pro-bono, cost effective legal assistance is aimed to ensuring access to justice for victims of discriminations at all level focusing, survivors of gender base violence, juveniles, minorities, person with disabilities and transgender. In accordance with this, pro bono legal assistance is offered to the deserving, marginalized and needy citizens who cannot afford expensive legal representation. The criterion for eligibility of assistance is very simple and hassle-free. The approaching needy citizen has to fill in a form and thereafter his/her antecedents are swiftly verified by LRF and finally this application is referred to the Executive Director. The citizen/victim is offered legal assistance till the final disposal of his/her case in the court of law. The legal aid is open for an indefinite period and no date has yet been announced for its culmination. We ensure the right of all citizens to have a competent legal representation and their right to a fair trial. LRF has been providing pro bono legal assistance to more than 4570 deserving citizens/victims’ nationwide since 2007-2016.