Legal Rights Forum


Academy for Research and Skills Development

LRF has established Academy for Research and Skills Development since its inception for the purposes of enhancing its capacity to strategies its polices in governance, democracy, rule of law, access to justice and quality education holistically. The Academy provides qualitative analysis of the LRF focal areas. The Academy has also be mandated with the responsibilities of appraisal of the present compendium of the laws of Pakistan for recommending the updating of the laws, repealment, enactment and such amendment as necessary for making the present laws efficacious.

We has played a major and effective role in consultations, advocacy and lobbing in the framing and passing of the National and Provincial Laws such as National Commission Human Rights Act, Women Harassment at workplace Act, Domestic Violence Act and The Restraint of Child Marriages Act etc.  LRF has to its credit the following publications prepared during the execution of different projects;

  • Legal Education Tool Kit
  • Paralegal Training Manual
  • Gender Justice Training Manual
  • Context Analysis on women labor working in formal/informal sector
  • Women Pubic Land Grantees Government of Sindh Issues, Challenges and Recommendation
  • Gender Analysis Labor Laws of Pakistan
  • Women as Workers
  • Training manual for labour workers about their rights
  • Many Rights based Posters and leaflets drafted, printed and distributed in communities
  • My Rights; Radio Messages Programs
The ARSD annually offers Internship and Fellowship Programs.


LRF offers internship opportunity to final year law students and fresh law graduates, Social Science and Education Department students at national level. It provides an opportunity to the intern’s to equip themselves with professional skills. In the specific area of work intern’s work at the LRF and its Fellows Offices for research, quantitative and qualitative analysis, reports writings, assisting the senior management in authoring publications besides honing their skills as required by their job preferences. In cases of fresh laws graduates especially attention is placed on drafting, preparation of court cases, case law research, and communications skills required for effective advocacy. They also assist the bro bono lawyers in lower courts cases for acclimatizing themselves with the litigation environment and understanding court procedures. An emphasis is given in ingraining ethical values in professionals conduct and development of ethical integrity in the interns. The ALRSD takes special care in monitoring and evaluating the interns on ethics, during their internship period.


The Fellowship is offered to those intern especially law graduates who successfully complete their internship and who have shown interest in the vision and mission of LRF and willing to pursue pro-bono legal services, community paralegal trainings and legal awareness to the communities.

The Fellows formed the hub of LRF presence through their activism at grass roots level in promoting democracy, strengthening the rule of law, improvising access to justice for peaceful, equitable and inclusive society.

Academy has built capacity of 1880 fresh law graduates as intern across Pakistan and 116 women form Sindh as paralegal experts. From June 2007 June 2016 LRF has developed a network of 414 fellows advocate across Pakistan.