Legal Rights Forum


Center for Human rights and peace

LRF has been initiated Center for Human Rights and Peace in 2012 for promoting and protecting human rights for all focusing on marginalized communities such as women, children, labour workers, victims of gender base violence, person with disabilities, minorities and transgender. The Rule of law is the key to coordinate peace operation particularly in post conflict region. LRF used rule of law as a tool for creating peace building-activities around Pakistan.

We educate people on human rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Human Rights Convention and Covenant ratified by Government of Pakistan so that all individuals rights are protected.

We had closely working with Federal Ministry of Human Rights Sindh Region,  National Commission for Human Rights, Sindh Judicial Academy, Government Sindh Human Rights Commission and Bar Councils and District Bar Association Human Rights Committees.

We had develop educational programs in the field of human rights; promote a greater understanding of and belief in the importance of human rights and peace building. We educate all human on their  fundamental rights through trainings workshop, seminars, educational programs, promotional materials, radio programs etc focusing on young lawyers as human rights defenders; police officials how to deals when arrest, detained and in investigation with senior citizen, women, children, person with disabilities, minorities; media representatives on human rights reporting, school children, teachers, college and universities youth on their rights.

We also uniquely placed to support to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 16: Promote Peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development.