Legal Rights Forum


Civil Society and Sustainability Initiatives

Civil Society Sustainability Initiatives (CSSI) is a Legal Rights Forum Initiative towards strengthening of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Pakistan. The main objective is to facilitate CSOs by creating and sharing information, providing a platform for discussion on achievements and successes, lessons learnt, narrating biographies of social development entrepreneurs and capacity building of human resource. It also helps young civil society professionals, students and new entrants in the development sector. CSSI provides tailor made solutions to CSOs by focusing on their Governance Framework and Organizational Development. The CSSI also provides consultation facilities on registration and formation of organizations and creating linkages between organizations. The professional assistance to civil society organizations is also provided regularly through extending inputs on project concept notes, proposal reviews and budgeting. The CSSI has initiated two major landmark days in the name of Sunhary Din (golden days) and Baithak (sitting) held on alternate fortnights. These colloquia provide substantial and rich base for discussions, debates, exchange of personal experiences and success stories; these result in evaluation of ideas which can be concretized into concepts and development of strategies conducive for the future vision and refinement of the goals set by the LRF for making its programs and activities substantive and sustainable with visible positive impact at tactical and strategic level in the communities.