Legal Rights Forum


Women Right to Land Network

LRF had found the ‘Women and Land Rights Network’ with the collaboration of civil society organization Sindh and Punjab. The main purpose of this network to create demand on holistically land reforms in Pakistan focusing on raising awareness amongst women parliamentarians caucus, women lawyers, media, human rights defenders on women land rights and linked grass roots level to national levels in order to influence policy and legal framework. This network will also monitored the implementation of the Government Sindh Land Distribution Programs Phase I and II; its conduct study issues, challenges and impact on women access to land; address public land conflicts faced by women public land guarantees and provided pro-bono legal assistance to the women if needed. Mostly activities of the said network supported by Actionaid Pakistan.

This network will also extend advocacy and lobbying with political influential, parliamentarians, government representative, representatives of Board of Revenue and other departmental officials to start III phase of public land distribution in women landless peasants across Sindh.