Environmental Rights

LRF considers environment fundamental need for human existence. The increasing environmental degradation is the violation of the basic human rights. Under environment rights theme LRF shall engaged the communities the following projects;

Environment and climate change

Pakistan is facing ecological, social and economical challenges due to its geographical location. It has been affected by number of natural disasters for few years. It has 75% of its areas prone to recurrent droughts and worst floods.
LRF had launched a campaign on “The Rights of Indus to Survive” with the collaboration of Action Aid Pakistan in 2011 to 2013 in Sindh and Baluchistan. The overall goal of the campaign was to sensitize all the stakeholders to initiate the mechanism for the preparation of the polices which address the issues of environment and climate change, disaster preparedness, plans to build community resilience, build strong network which will help in improving their performance and creating such polices which are related to The River Indus.

Food Security and Livelihood

LRF want to secure the rights of people living in poverty to food and income security and decent work within the context of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, reducing inequality, and ensuring the sustainable use of land and water.

Build women's livelihoods, resilience, and leadership:

We will invest in developing women leadership in economic and strengthen their entitlements to own and control productive resources and assets. We will challenge beliefs and systems that limit women’s ability to participate in markets and those that undervalue women’s economic contributions. We will also support women’s rights as waged workers at all levels in value chains and markets.

Facilitate the right to food and enable agricultural growth in the face of climate change:

we will help to identify and promote a new type of sustainable agriculture that recognizes the essential role of farmers in maintaining biodiversity and providing environmental services, as well as producing food and fiber.

LRF had this program continued with the support of “Save the Indus Network”. This network was established on the consisting of 14 rights based organizations working on Sindh and Baluchistan.