Journalist Development Program

A free and independent journalism is very important to democracy, peaceful and inclusive society to ensuring government, politicians, businesses and individuals accountable and a diversity of point of view. The LRFÂ Journalist Development Program (JDP) to provides journalists more knowledge on advance level and technical skills across the country to produce reports and undertake investigations.

JDP is also more knowledge enhancement of journalists through capacity building training workshop underlines the importance of accurate reporting, sourcing, handling legal issues, coping with ethical problems and reviewing past journalistic problems. It reminds journalists to stand back and remember their responsibilities for peaceful and inclusive society. The LRF under JDI is organize following training programs;

Court Reporting:

Covering legal proceedings fairly and effectively

Women Land Rights:

Covering properly women inheritance and public land issues

Child Rights Issue:

Reporting on fairly child rights focusing on the restraint of child marriages, health, education, bounded labour and protection

Human Trafficking and Slavery:

Reporting responsibly on human trafficking and slavery to properly raise awareness and help fight it

Mobile Journalism:

Identify and produce engaging using the latest mobile media tools

Reporting Climate Change:

Preparing powerful, accurate stories on possibly the greatest threat to humanity.