Public Health Program

The LRF Public Health Program works to strengthen the capacity of vulnerable communities to advocate better health related laws, policies and practices. We also push greater government accountability in health care.
The LRF promote inclusive societies in which the rule of law and respect for human rights and safeguard the health rights of all. Focusing marginalized communities who used drugs, people with disabilities, prisoners and minorities. LRF support these communities to fight discrimination and protect their health rights.

Law and Health Initiative

The LRF Law and Health Initiative had start advocacy and lobbying in Pakistan Health Rights declared as a Fundamental Rights in Pakistan. To support marginalized communities for legal strategies to advance the health and human rights for all. The initiative works to develop individuals and organizational leadership in the field of health and human rights. LRF closely working with Government National Commission for Human Rights Pakistan, Pakistan Medical Association, HANDS International and SHED Foundation for improving and promoting health rights . LRF pilot innovative access to justice tools as health intervention, advocate for rights base legal protections that improving health.

LRF is also part of Health as Fundamental Rights Committee established by National Commission for Human Rights Pakistan. This committee is mandate looking and identified Constitution of Pakistan and laws health is a rights and a draft an amendment on Health as a Fundamental Rights declared in Constitution of Pakistan. This committee also specifically will review Sindh Health Care Act which focus more on protection of physician than on rights of patient.

Accountability and Monitoring in Health Initiative

Accountability and Monitoring in Health Initiative seeks to strengthen meaningful and sustained engagement by affected communities. It is also support communities monitoring of health budgets, policies and practices; promote government accountability to citizens; well informed and open public dialogues, workshops, seminars about the governance of public health systems, provision of health services and advancement of health rights.

Mental Health Initiative

The Mental Health Initiative aims is to ensure that people with mental health problems and intellectual disabilities are able to live as equal citizen in the community and to participate in society with full respect for their rights. LRF fully respect and legal support to Gohsah-e-Afiat of SHED Foundation Project in Karachi. LRF is also part of Mental Health Forum in Pakistan. the overall purpose of the MHF is harnessing the varied capacities, strengths and efforts of these organization for strategic coordination on mental health issues in order to achieve greater and more effective impact.