Women Empowerment Program

LRF strong believes women should not only be economically empowered but also intellectually, socially, culturally and psychologically, so that they can their lives with self-confidence and dignity.

For more than 10 years, LRF empowered women and girls across the Pakistan through our Women Empowerment Program. LRF transformed the lives of hundreds of women and girls through our evidence base programs on the key areas; supporting women to join law enforcement and judicial system; expending women economic empowerment; promoting women and land rights; increasing women’s rights peace and security and Enhancing women worker awareness of their rights and labour laws. Women Empowerment Program also promote gender equality in all LRF initiatives.

LRF is committed to advancing equality and to promote of women active participation in social, economic and political life.

We are also closely working for advocacy and lobbying with women parliamentarian caucus, law department, women development department, labour department and other most relevant institutions to drafting news laws, amendments framing polices, SOPs, rules of business in the support of women such as National Commission for Human Rights Act , The Sindh Restraint Child Marriage Act, Women Harassment at Workplace Act, Sindh Human Rights Act etc.

Supporting women to join law enforcement and judicial system

Many women are not proper register their complaint of violation of their rights because women police stations are limited. Women are also not easy access to justice in the court cases due to limited women lawyers and judicial officers in the courts. LRF programs and project build on this to support women to join law enforcement and judicial system.

Basically supporting women to join law enforcement and judicial system is a capacity building and enhancing on advance level professional skills of women graduates and fresh law graduates across Pakistan so that these young women join the law enforcement and judicial system. These women could become women and girls rights defenders and combated gender base violence, advanced equality and raise their vice in seeking justice at the grass roots level.

Expending women economic empowerment

Women’s economic empowerment require brave and sustained action to advance women’s opportunities and rights and to ensure that women can participate. To increase their economic opportunities, women need access to more and better jobs and business.

Globally and Nationally researches has demonstrated that investigating in women is one of the most powerful ways to reduce poverty and accelerate development. In many part of Pakistan women face discrimination due to illiteracy and limited economic option. LRF’s projects build on this knowledge through expanding economic opportunities for women.

LRF expend to women graduates and law graduates with the advance level knowledge and professionals skills they need to more earn an income and lift themselves their families out of poverty.

Promoting Women and Land Rights

Across the Pakistan millions of people particularly women need secure access to land, natural resources, supportive legal frame work and policies form provincial as well as federal governments. Women and land rights is a direct relationship between women economic empowerment, food security and poverty reduction.

Land is the key and most important assets to providing a basis for livelihood and employment among rural communities of Pakistan. It is a safety net from extreme poverty and a ladder for social economic relations in society. Women access to land ownership, security of land tenure is also important to ensure the rights to food and other human rights.

We are together with Right to Land Network partners, working at all levels with rural women to strengthen their control over land and natural resources. We are advocacy and lobbing for legal frame work and policy change. We are focusing on documenting and sharing best practices, raising awareness on land grabbing and providing pro-bono legal assistance to protect their land rights.

LRF also legal support women landless peasants who received public land in Sindh Pakistan. because after receiving the public land they had face many issues and challenges from the policy adopted by government; the local landlords and influential. We had conduct the study on “Women Public Land Grantees in Sindh: Issues, Challenges and Recommendations” with the financial support of Actionaid Pakistan http://localhost/wordpress/lrf/study-report-on-women-pubic-land-grantees-govt-sindh-issues-challenges-and-recommendations/

Increasing women rights, social security and full participation in design making

When women are unable to contribute to decisions that affect their lives. Women must play an active and effective role in public decision-making and have a voice on critical issues such as access to justice, health, education, social security, clean water and business regulation.

LRF advances women’s rights by working with governments and local communities to support and strengthen legal systems. We equip women with information on their legal rights and access to free legal aid, psycho- social support to enable them to claim those rights. Additionally, the LRF strengthens communities efforts to reform laws and policies that discriminate against women , and leads mediation programs to foster cultural dispute resolution.

Enhancing women worker awareness of their rights and labour laws