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LRF is working with 25,000 rural women and 30,000 men community members for building their capacity and help them at local level for sustainable development. LRF has trained 5,500 young lawyers (3,500 male, 2,000 female), 1,500 female/male students and 1,200 Govt. Officials. LRF has pursued 6,524 pro-bono cases; conducted 2,400 networking meetings; conducted 05 research studies; organized 85 seminars; conducted 52 trainings workshops and published thousands of posters, pamphlets, leaflets and reports. LRF mobilised and engaged 2000 youth in Sindh through Youth Policy Dialogues on Youth Policy Impact. LRF has sensitised and trained 1,500 children, 100 parents and 85 teachers on child rights, child protection and physical & humiliating punishment (PHP) in Sindh. On the whole, LRF has benefited many thousands community members through above mentioned activities and radio campaigns, posters, theatre programmes, mock court sessions, documentaries, etc.

National Platform – Legal Rights Forum (LRF) is a country-level platform of rights based organizations, law firms, pro-bono legal professionals, educationists and development sector experts who are committed to struggle for a democratic, just, educated, peaceful and inclusive society wherein all citizen especially children, women, special persons and minorities may live with self-respect and dignity. LRF is consists of a pool of professional lawyers, human rights defenders, communities  paralegal experts, educationists and social activists who extend legal interventions, advocacy, research, legal assistance and capacity building to stakeholders.
LRF Outreach – LRF has its National Secretariat in Karachi and a vast outreach including its 27 local rights based development partner organizations nationwide.

LRF HR Strength – LRF also nationwide strength through its network of (374) individual pro-bono legal experts including (60) gender sensitized women lawyers, (2) certified mediators, (25) community paralegals experts as gender based violence and minorities rights defenders, (13) development sector professionals, (05) educationists, (03) media experts who are actively working with LRF in more than (50) districts of Pakistan through pro-bono services.

Success in Empowering Women Lawyers – 169 women fresh law graduates got training/internship at LRF and 13 of them become part of judiciary as a judicial magistrate/family court judge/civil judge in Sindh, Punjab and Baluchistan. 05 joined law enforcement agencies and 11 joined the prosecution Department.

Linkages with Stakeholders – LRF has developed over time strong working relations with:
  1. Sindh Cabinet Members
  2. Home department
  3. Sindh Human Rights Commission
  4. Law Department
  5. Prosecution Department;
  6. National Commission for Human Sindh Judicial Academy
  7. Pakistan Bar Council; Provincial bar councils, and 50+ district bar associations.
  1. Women Development Department
  2. Social Welfare Department
  3. Child Protection Authority
  4. Probation Department
  5. Education Department
  6. Labour Department
  7. Law colleges
  8. Public universities
  9. Parliamentarians
Recognition – Over the last 10 years, LRF has come to be recognized provincially, nationally and internationally as an effective forum both in the supply and demand side. LRF has been facilitating and strengthening demand for access to justice, rule of law, quality education, independent media and inclusive civil society. Besides, following achievements of LRF demonstrates increased recognition:
  • LRF received National Human Rights award bestowed by President of Pakistan in 2010
  • LRF received Award by Sindh Human Rights Commission in 2016
  • Award by Chief Justice Pakistan in 2009.
  • LRF received following court orders in its favor by the superior courts:
  • Order by Honorable Chief Justice, Sindh High Court Mr. Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani (June 05, 2010): Deputation of Judicial Magistrate in district headquarters on each Sunday and public holidays for disposal of urgent magisterial work on criminal side i.e. Remand and submission of Challan under CR.PC. Order # GAZ/XII-Z-14 (IV) on dated 05-06-2010. (LRF pleaded earlier for this provision)
  • Order by Honorable Chief Justice, Sindh High Court Mr. Justice Musheer Alam (April 19, 2012): All the District and Session Judges of Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur facilitate LRF to organize Mock Court Sessions for internees at any vacant original court room under the supervision of any Judicial Officers of the concerned district.
  • Order by Honorable Chief Justice, Sindh High Court Mr. Justice Sajjad Ali Shah (May 11, 2016): All the District and Session Judges in Sindh will ensure support to LRF to resurrect and strengthen the District Legal Empowerment Committees (DLECs).