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Consultant Required for Child Rights Situation Analysis (CRSA) of District Jacobabad, Sindh

Consultant Required for Child Rights Situation Analysis (CRSA) of District Jacobabad, Sindh

Legal Rights Forum (LRF) is a registered not-for-profit organization that envisions a democratic, just, peaceful and inclusive society wherein all citizens especially women, children, and marginalized communities should live with equal protection of law, self-respect and dignity. LRF is an advocacy organization working for strengthening of the rule of law, protecting rights of vulnerable and improving access to justice for women and children across Sindh, Pakistan.

LRF is implementing a three year programme on Child Protection Strengthening in district Jacobabad. The overall objective of programme is to ensure that “Protection mechanisms (institutional and community based) are in place to prevent and respond to the violence against children in all settings”. The programme focuses on interventions to

  1. The protection of Children on the Move (street children)
  2. Protection of children from Physical and Humiliating Punishment and early forced and child marriages
  3. Establishing and strengthening child protection systems to prevent and respond to the violations of child rights in general and child protection in particular.

LRF has established Child Protection Unit (CPU) in Jacobabad with collaboration of the Sindh Children Protection Authority c Government under its Child Protection Strengthening project which aims on strengthening child protection referral mechanism in Jacobabad district.

This CRSA will help the LRF understand the extent to which children’s rights in Sindh are being realized or violated respectively; the root causes to rights violations; identify the duty bearers and their roles; identify gaps in provisions; analyze civil society; and other actors as well as other internal and external factors that may help or hinder the realization of children’s rights. For more details please visit on following link ToRs CRSA in Jacobabad-2019

Interested candidates /consulting firms are requested to submit the following documents on the postal / email address given below not later than 11th November, 2019.