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Consultative workshop on Right to Fair Trial and Due Process

LRF is striving to strengthening the rule of law in Pakistan through policy advocacy for legal reforms, institutional capacity development. LRF in collaboration with INP and finical support of the United States Bureau of Democracy, Human rights and Labor (DRL), is implementing a project to “Protect the Right to Fair Trial and Due Process in Pakistan” at a national level. The overarching goal of the project is To improve protection of the right to fair trial for citizens accused of crimes in Pakistan, especially religious minorities, as evidenced by improvement in the Fair Trial Index before and after program intervention”. The project adopts an inclusive approach as characterized in the following objectives.

  • To design and advocate for evidence-based legislative reforms in Pakistan, which define the basic guarantees for fair trial and due process provided to the accused in criminal cases, in accordance with globally accepted standards of legal practice and requirements of national context.
  • Justice providers have greater capacity to fulfill their due responsibilities for protecting the right to fair trial and due process, especially where the accused are religious minorities and women.
  • Ordinary citizens (especially youth) have a deeper understanding of due process, resulting in greater citizen accountability of justice providers for delivering fair trials and mobilization of support for policy reform.

LRF has organize two consultative workshops with justice state actors; firstly with Judicial Officers and Prosecution; secondly Police (operation, investigation and prisons) at Sindh Judicial Academy and Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi in the month of July and August2018.