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How We Do

LRF believes in collective wisdom, mutual support, cooperation and coordination with concerned stakeholders in achieving common objectives through research, advocacy, awareness, capacity building and sharing of knowledge, information, expertise and resources.


LRF carry out research work within selected thematic areas which is an ongoing strategy for better identification of root causes of the social problems, hence leading for actions and solutions.

Legislative Advocacy

LRF specializes in legislative advocacy, lobbying and active engagement with parliamentarians, state actors, justice providers, democratic institutions and influential ones for pro-people policy changes and to help enable platforms for citizens’ actions to hold duty bearers accountable.

Raising Awareness

LRF play key role in raising public awareness on their fundamental rights through engaging all concerned stakeholders and media institutions for strengthening the rule of law, democracy and good governance which may result into a powerful change and give voice to poor and marginalized communities.

Mass Mobilization

On demand side, LRF involves masses through mass media and community mobilization initiatives to encourage and engage communities to raise their voice for rights and participate in developmental activities in order to achieve sustainable development in the country.

Capacity Building

LRF initiates capacity building programmes according to its thematic areas for empowering individuals, organisations and societies and build the capacity of stakeholders from both demand as well as supply side.

LRF extends psycho-social support, counselling and paralegal trainings to the poor, women, children and marginalized communities and provide legal aid to those who are unable to afford legal representation in court in order to ensure equality before the law, the right to counsel and the right to a fair trial for all.

Public  Interest Litigation

LRF demonstrates judicial activism and files cases of Public Interest Litigation in the competent court of law for the protection of the public interest. Because Article 184(3) of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 provides the concept of protection of Fundamental Rights through the use of Article 199 of the Constitution.

Networking and Alliances Building

LRF believes in joint efforts, mutual help and coordination among like-minded partners in achieving common objectives through sharing of information, expertise and resources and to organize people power for positive change.

Organizational Development

LRF enhances organizational development of newly formed CSOs and provides capacity building services to young emerging community leaders through its Civil Society Support Program. LRF also guides and supports CSOs in legal compliances and extends legal assistance in in their court cases. If any.