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Networking and Alliance Building

LRF believes in joint efforts, mutual help and coordination among like-minded partners in achieving common objectives through sharing of information, expertise and resources and to organize people power for positive change.

LRF emphasizes networking/alliances building and believes in organizing people power for positive change. So far, LRF is playing active role in a number of national and provincial networks, coalitions and alliances. LRF has developed an active networking with different stakeholders and has also been successful in establishing few networks as being its own initiatives.

LRF is a member of International Networks:

  1. JusticMaker Community
  2. Peace and Collaborative Development Network
  3. Ending Violence against Children
  4. Public Health Movement

LRF is a member of the following National Networks:

  1. Insaf Network of Pakistan
  2. US Alumni Network of Pakistan
  3. Gender Collation Pakistan
  4. Alliance Against Child Marriages
  5. Child Rights Movement
  6. Mental Health Forum

In addition, LRF holds Provincial Secretariats of following networks:

  •  Peace and Justice Network-Sindh Chapter (since 2016)
  • Pakistan Forum for Democratic Policing Network -Sindh Chapter (2017-2020)
  • Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Alliance-Sindh Chapter (2017-todate)
  • Pakistan Development Alliance-Sindh Chapter (2019-todate)

Networks founded by LRF: (LRF still hosts National Secretariats as National Convener)


  •  Legal Aid Lawyers Network (at National level)
  • Women Right to Land Network (at National level)
  • Ending Violence against Children Alliance (at National level)
  • Youth Forum for Sustainable Development (at National Level)

Legal Aid Lawyers Network

LRF has earlier founded a Provincial level “Legal Protection Network” during 2012 which consists of 40 women advocates across Sindh. This network was established after the successful completion of project on “Supporting Women to Join Law Enforcement and Judicial System in Sindh”. Later, on the suggestion of LRF, “Women Lawyers Network” was also founded during 2014 as a National level network which consists of 156 women advocates across Pakistan. This network was established after the successful completion of similar but National level project on “Supporting Women to Join Law Enforcement and Judicial System in Pakistan”. This Project was awarded to Legal Rights Forum (LRF), Women Social Welfare Organization (WSO), Change Through Empowerment (CTE) and Youth Resource Center (YRC) under the Legal Grant of Gender Equity Program of Aurat Foundation in Collaboration with the Asia Foundation and Financial assistance of USAID.

Due to lack of resources, both the networks are however currently inactive. After a long time, LRF has called a provincial level meetings of members of Women Lawyers Network during March 2019 and the house decided to merger both networks into a new network named “Legal Aid Lawyers Network (LALN)” which will continue work with enthusiasm and commitment to providing legal aid to poor, women, children and marginalized communities across Pakistan. This network now consists of 82 lawyers across Pakistan. LRF also established District Legal Aid Centers in the support of these lawyers.

Ending Violence against Children Alliance

LRF, along with other colleagues and civil society organizations, founded a network as “Early Childhood Development Network of Pakistan (ECDNP) on June 20, 2012 as a network of organizations and individuals whose programme approach relates to Early Childhood Development (ECD). The Network dealt with subjects i.e. Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Care & Education, Early Childhood Health & Nutrition, Early Childhood Education, Parents Counselling, Early Childhood 0-8 Years, Free Primary & Secondary Education, Holistic & Inclusive approach for ECD, ECD Centers, and related sub-sectors.

LRF, in the meantime, became member of an international network “The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children” which is a unique public-private collaboration that includes United Nations agencies, governments, industry, regional bodies, civil society, young people, advocates and champions, all focused on one thing: making the world safe for children.

The ECDNP organized a Consultative Workshop on “Reducing the Risk of Violence against Children” on 23rd October, 2018 in Karachi for sharing and brainstorming the best practices undertaken by the partner organizations to mitigate the risk of violence against children. On sidelines of the event, LRF decided in consultation with the Members that the name of the network should be amended with its new name “Ending Violence against Children Alliance (EVAC Alliance)”. Since then, the new name and revised Vision Mission of the EVAC Alliance has been adopted.

Mission of EVAC Alliance

  • To develop understanding amongst all stakeholders/caregivers about concepts of holistic and inclusive Child Protection practices
  • To help government to realize and define key role of its ministries in promotion of holistic and inclusive development of all children
  • To strengthen sharing of best practices and resources and collaborations among Child Protection stakeholders
  • To collaborate with stakeholders for investments in a promotion of Child Protection services, material development, and thematic research grants.



Objectives of EVAC Alliance

The EVAC Alliance will;

  • Provide a national forum of networking and collaboration amongst all Child Protection stakeholders, ministries and departments of provincial and federal governments.
  • Promote collaboration, generating and sharing of resources, best practices and research work amongst various Child Protection organizations and individuals.
  • Contribute in development of Child Protection policy, curriculum, assessment system and training models (qualifications) across Child Protection training institutions and organizations in Pakistan.
  • Collaborate with regional and international Child Protection networks to bring benefits of regional and international experiences to Pakistan.

Youth Forum for Sustainable Development (YFSD)

Young people are the ideal agents to be at the forefront of the sustainable development movement: they are forward-thinking, creative, and come in large numbers. Young people make up nearly half the world’s population. Pakistan is one of the youngest countries in the world where youth comprises more than 60 percent of Pakistan’s population who are the most educated, charitable, and entrepreneurial amongst other age groups. According to the Pakistan National Human Development Report, 64% of the population is under the age of 30 and around 29% is between the ages of 15 and 30.

LRF believes that Youth are the decision-makers of tomorrow and can play a powerful role in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. LRF is committed to supporting youth development to ensure young people from different background have equal access to knowledge pursue their career and to promote peace, justice and good governance in Pakistan. LRF in focusing under its Youth Development Programme on:

  • Promoting Sindh Youth Policy, 2018
  • Promoting Sustainable Development Goals linked with youth
  • Supporting youth to peruse their career and focusing to join law enforcement and judicial system
  • Sensitization and capacity building of youth department
  • Capacity building of youth as peace ambassadors

LRF, under its projects supported by VSO, has established a Provincial Youth Committee in Sindh which consists of 26 (14 male and 10 female, 01transgender, 01 person with disability) in order to mobilize youth across Sindh, participate in Youth Dialogues for Policy Impact in Sindh.

Subsequently, during 2018, LRF has established a national level Youth Forum for Sustainable Development (YFSD) in order to connect, inform, empower and engage Pakistani youth to realize full potentials and lead positive community change.

YFSD was born to place young people at the forefront of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the country.

LRF plans a “National Conference on Youth for Sustainable Development” during 2020 to provide a forum to Youth Individuals, Youth Groups and national/international Youth Support Organizations to develop a National Agenda for Youth for achieving SDGs and launch a national level membership drive of YFSD.