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Internship Program

The LRF offers internship opportunities to final year law students and fresh law graduates, social science, education and mass communication department students at national level. It provides an opportunity to the intern’s to equip themselves with professional skills. In the specific area of work intern’s work at the LRF and its Fellows Offices for research, quantitative and qualitative analysis, reports writings, assisting the senior management in authoring publications besides honing their skills as required by their job preferences. In cases of fresh laws graduates especially attention is placed on drafting, preparation of court cases, case law research, and communications skills required for effective advocacy.

They also assist the bro bono lawyers in lower courts cases for acclimatizing themselves with the litigation environment and understanding court procedures. An emphasis is given in ingraining ethical values in professionals conduct and development of ethical integrity in the interns. The LRF has built the capacity of 1880 fresh law graduates, social science, education, mass communication department students as intern across Pakistan since 2007 to 2019. The LRF takes special care in monitoring and evaluating the interns on ethics, during their internship period.