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About LRF

Organizational Structure

Legal Rights Forum is an independent not-for profit, non-governmental organization that is efficiently, effectively managed on avant-garde standards. LRF is governed by a Board of Directors, a Chairperson and a Chief Executive Officer. LRF provides opportunities to its Board Members to take part in elections for holding key positions. The Board of Directors is responsible for policy direction and overall supervision of the organization. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for planning, execution, implementation, administration and the relevant operational instructions for the organization. Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Chairperson in consultation with the Board of Directors. LRF has also Members of Advisory Council who are most senior experts from diverse fields and prominent personalities from the society. Advisory Council members give their advice on the overall organizational sustainability and development. Board of Directors has endorsed the advisory members to be part of the organization.

LRF has a democratic, transparent and participatory governance structure which constitutes a Board of Directors comprising 09 members headed by a Chairperson; an Advisory Council consisting of 18 members headed by a Chief Advisor; and the Management Committee headed by the Chief Executive Officer. For the purposes of internal governance and decision making LRF has constituted Management Committee made up of 05 members. The significant features of the governance structure are its system of checks and balances and leading role given to numerous rights based local development partners, law firms, law colleges, pro-bono lawyers, networks, development experts, media experts, human rights and labour rights and staff of the Forum.