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LRF aims to create democratic, just, peaceful and inclusive society wherein all citizens especially women, children, and marginalized communities may live with equal protection of law, self-respect and dignity. Since 2007, we are effectively working with stakeholders (local communities, state actors, policy makers) to strengthen Rule of Law and Access to Justice and empower local communities (women, youth, children, persons with disabilities, minorities and transgender) socially, legally as well as economically) in order to improve their lives.

LRF has passed through a very struggling and learning phase so far and it has done a tremendous job to serve the development sector and enter into the core circle of civil society organizations. Up to now, LRF has earned a good name and has a good impression among policy makers as well as many of its partners in the development sector. Projects, completed and ongoing, fall under following heads:
  1. Community Development
  2. Institutional Strengthening
  3. State Actor’s Capacity Building
  4. Networking & Alliance Building
  5. Legal Aid and Legal Assistance
  6. Civil Society Support