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CSS Program

Civil Society Support Programme of LRF aims at legal assistance and capacity building of civil society organizations. LRF’s Civil Society Sustainability Initiatives (CSSI) is a nationwide initiative towards strengthening Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Pakistan. Its objective is to facilitate CSOs by creating and sharing information, providing a platform for discussion on achievements, successes, lessons learnt, narrating biographies of successful social development entrepreneurs and capacity building of human resource, etc. It also helps young civil society professionals, students and new entrants in the development sector. CSSI provides tailor made solutions to CSOs by focusing on their Governance Framework and Organizational Development.

CSSI establishes pool of information for the larger interest of stakeholders. The repository helps development sector professionals to get benefits in their research work and further enhancing their understanding on human development endeavors in Pakistan.

  •  Priority Programme Actions
    1. Capacity Building
    2. Raising Awareness
    3. Organizational development of CSOs
    4. Networking and Liaison
    5. Technical Support
    6. Resource Development and Sharing
    7. Discussion Forums – Sunehray Din – and Baithak
  •  Programme Themes/sub-themes
    • Civil Society Support / Legal Assistance