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About LRF

Legal Rights Forum (LRF) is a registered not-for-profit organization working since 2007 in Pakistan. LRF envisions a democratic, just, peaceful and inclusive society wherein all citizens especially women, children, person with disabilities, minorities and transgender may live with equal protection of law, self-respect and dignity.
LRF aims to strengthen and promote the rule of law and equal access to justice; achieve sustainable development goals 2030; reform criminal/civil justice system; redressel of anomalies in laws and policies; and promote democracy, democratic institutions, good governance, alternate dispute resolution, legal aid, public interest litigation, land & environmental rights, labor rights, journalist rights, youth empowerment, public health, and quality education for all.

The rationale behind the initiation of LRF was to invest in development sector which cannot resurrect the system unless the rule of law, sustainable development and good governance is strengthened and rights of people are protected. LRF not only struggles for promoting the rule of law and equal access to justice by equipping people to know, use the laws that affect them but is also works towards highlighting anomalies in the prevailing discriminatory legislative framework and strengthens joint actions.

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