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Mr. Tahir Hasnain Shah

Mr. Tahir Hasnain Shah

Senior Program Manager

Mr. Tahir Hasnain Shah is an experienced development practitioner and researcher having 25 years work experience in the development sector including his last assignment with UN FAO and UNODC. He has done Masters & MPhil and holds 03 international and 16 national training certificates. He has served reputed national and international organizations in Pakistan at key positions including UNODC, UN-FAO, SDPI, Oxfam GB, Shirkat Gah, SCOPE, etc. His subjects of interest and expertise included Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Human Rights, Land Rights & Governance, Sustainable Livelihoods, Women Rights & Empowerment, Gender Equity, Environment, Climate Change & Adaptations, Community Resilience; Disaster Risk Reduction & Management and networking.

Mr. Tahir Hasnain Shah has demonstrated experience of managing projects, developing programs, and delivering research/advocacy tasks. He possesses Strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to work in joint teams with strong independent capacity and decision-making skills. His other experience includes fund raising, proposal writing, data analysis, writing/editing reports, monitoring, event management, networking and moderation of electronic discussion forums. He has completed more than 50 significant research/advocacy tasks and participated in a number of international and national events as a resource person. He is Member of several international/national bodies and have been to 20 countries across the globe for a number of times.

He is currently working as a Senior Program Manager at legal Rights Forum (LRF) in Karachi and is overseeing the administrative as well as technical aspects of all ongoing programs/projects of the organization including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling program/project activities; formulating Strategic Plan of the organization and monitor its implementation; and developing future programs/projects in accordance with the mission and goals of the organization.

He is also involved in different research, development and capacity building projects as consultant associated with UN, INGOs and other national NGOs.

His published work can be viewed at