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Women Protection and Empowerment Guarantees Society’s Peace and Stability

Karachi – “Ministry of Women Development, and the Women Development Department (WDD), Government of Sindh are committed to address women issues in Sindh and empower them to the extent that they can play equal role in society’s peace and stability”. This was stated by Syeda Shahla Raza, Minister-Women Development, Government of Sindh in an event held in a local hotel in Karachi.

In collaboration with WDD, Legal Rights Forum (LRF) organized a 3-days Training Workshop on “Peacebuilding and Leadership Role of Women in Sindh” for 35 staff members of WDD (Directors, Assistant directors, Care Takers, Managers, Law Officers, and Psychologists posted in Darul Aman and Safe Homes across Sindh) and 4 female Members of Sindh Provincial Assembly from January 21-23, 2022 at PC Hotel, Karachi. The event was part of the project being implemented by LRF on Empowering Women as Agents of Peace in Sindh.

During the training, trainees were oriented on Peacebuilding through CVE aimed at increasing the ability of WDD to integrate peace promotion into its development programs for women in Sindh and to enhance the capacity of targeted Government of Pakistan Institutions/initiatives to counter VE groups.

WDD also presented its plans regarding the way forward on how to sustainably integrate peacebuilding priorities within its women empowerment and development programs in Sindh.

Mr. Malik Tahir Iqbal, CEO-LRF, welcomed the valued presence of Minister for Women Development, Government of Sindh; officials of WDD and MPAs and appreciated their commitment with cause of protecting and empowering women in Sindh. He acknowledged the wholehearted support provided by the Women Development Ministry and WDD to LRF in arranging for this much needed training workshop to capacitate WDD staff and MPAs in Peacebuilding through CVE Laws and Leadership skills.

Addressing the house, Syeda Shahla Raza appreciated LRF and paid thanks to CEO-LRF Malik Tahir Iqbal for arranging said training for WDD staff. She said that the staff of Darul Amans and Safe Homes must sound positive and helping with supportive behavior to victim women. She directed WDD staff of 100 percent implementation of SOPs for operation of Darul Amans and Safe Homes to improve their day to day business. She said that provision of quality facilities and safe environment to helpless women and their children living in Darul Amans is the responsibility of the department. She vowed that no laxity would be tolerated in this regard.

Member Provincial Assembly, Ms. Mangla Sharma said that WDD must develop Darul Amans at at-least every divisional Headquarters in Sindh with all essential facilities to protect victim women at the grassroots level.  She also said that Darul Amans should have the capacity to easily cater vulnerable women everywhere where they can go and get shelter easily. She said that she always appreciates trainings because we always learn from trainings.

Ms. Ghazala Siyal, MPA, said that there is need to appoint skilled women in Darul Aman and Safe Homes as all these projects are under staff. She also appreciated the job that LRF doing that will build leadership skills among WDD staff to serve better and improve the life and role of women in Sindh.

Ms. Anum Iqbal, Secretary-WDD, said that they always welcome organizations like Legal Rights Forum for conducting WDD staff’s training because such trainings strengthen capacities of staff to protect and prevent vulnerable women. She also said that we need more and more Day Care Centers to facilitate women empowerment and WDD is committed to establish Day Care Centers and Draul Amans at the District level. She welcomed trainings of WDD staff in peacebuilding and leadership skills that, according to her, will go a long way to increase the level of performance of the WDD.

At the end, during third and last day of training workshop, training certificates were distributed among trainees and shields were awarded to senior officials of WDD and MPAs as a token of appreciation for their commitment with the cause and providing support to LRF in successfully organizing the event.