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Women Workers Convention Hyderabad

Legal Rights Forum organized a Women Workers Convention on March 31, 2015 at Press Club Hyderabad under Gender Equity Program of Aurat Foundation supported by USAID. Women workers convention aims to focus on the issues highlighted engaging with women workers at the district level. This will aims to also build women workers awareness of rights and increase their knowledge of labor laws, both in formal as well as informal sector. Engagement with employers to raise awareness around all relevant labor laws and Sexual Harassment Act is also envisioned to be the part of this convention. Women Workers Convention will also serve to provide a platform for the articulation of demand also act as a focal point to pull together the demands raised by the grass roots level women workers. The event was divided into three sessions. In first session four selected women workers shared the issues and challenges faced by them while working. In second session key speakers shared their diverse inputs on theme and in third session question/answers sessions were raised and in the end charter of demands were finalized based on the consent of the participants.
After that the facilitator read out the charter of the demands to the women workers and civil society members for further action and followings;

  • Every worker especially women workers should be registered in EOBI and other social security etc.
  • All businesses formal and informal sector should give decent workplace, decent wages and due respect to their all employees or workers especially women workers.
  • The owners of the factories should provide the women workers with safety guards for protection from inhaling cotton dust, methane, glasses for eye protection and gloves for protecting hands from scars, burns and cuts etc.
  • The Minimum Wages Board Sind should take notice of the meager amount given to the women workers for making bangles and fixed the rate.
  • There should be proper legislation of home based workers for registration. The labor laws should be revised in conformity with international labor laws.
  • A labor desk for women workers should be established at district level for resolving their issues on daily basis.
  • Workplace Harassment Act should be implemented in true spirits. Immediately workplace harassments committees should be established at each workplace.
  • Workplace should be established according to the international standard keeping in view the safety guard of the workers.
  • The inspection system should be restored immediately for the protection of the rights of the women workers
    Please find the complete report of the convention