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Civil Society Support

The Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) provides legal assistance and capacity building services to civil society groups and organizations to enhance their contribution to the government’s policies and strategies for national development, sustainable development, just, peaceful, inclusive society and advancement of good governance. Its objective is to facilitate CSOs by creating and sharing information, providing a platform for discussion on achievements, successes, lessons learnt, narrating biographies of successful social development entrepreneurs and capacity building of human resource, etc. It also helps young civil society professionals, students and new entrants in the development sector. It provides tailor made solutions to CSOs by focusing on their Governance Framework and Organizational Development.

Services of the CSSP include Capacity Building; Raising Awareness; Organizational development of CSOs; Networking and Liaison; Technical Support; Resource Development and Sharing; and organizing Discussion Forums – Sunehray Din and Baithak Sessions with civil society groups.

CSSP organizes regular discussion forums as “Sunehray Din” – a platform for living legends to share their life experiences with youth. LRF also holds “Baithak” sessions with communities for rights information sharing.


LRF has built the capacity of 46 informal youth organizations on how to registered an organization and ways to make amendments in their organizational by-laws.

Besides, LRF organized 12 Sunehary Din with experienced personalities and 50 Baithaks Sessions with communities.