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Vision, Mission & Values

“A democratic, just, peaceful, educated and inclusive society”

“To promote and protect democracy and democratic institutions for the rule of law, access to justice, peace & harmony, human rights, literacy and good governance”

  • The society in the country is democratic, just, peaceful, educated, inclusive and gender sensitive wherein all citizen live with self-respect, equal protection of law and dignity; and
  • The country is governed democratically based on four universal principles (accountability, just laws, open governments and accessible and impartial dispute resolution) of the rule of law, resilience, sustainable development and security of human rights.


LRF aims to work both on demand and supply side:

  1. To strengthen, advance and promote rule of law in Pakistan so that all people can benefit from fair, equal, just and transparent justice system that will help ensure peaceful and inclusive Pakistan.
  2. To promote and strengthen Democracy and Democratic institutions for Good Governance; Human Rights; Sustainable Development; and strive for achieving targets of SDGs in the country, particularly SDGs No. 2 (zero hunger); 4 (education for all); 5 (gender equality); 10 (reduced inequality); 13 (climate action); 16 (peace justice and strong institutions); and 17 (partnerships).
  3. To improve access to justice and provide legal aid to vulnerable
  4. To revamp and reform the criminal/civil justice system;
  5. To assist, sensitize and capacitate all state actors and stakeholders working for the rule of law i.e. Police, Prison, Probation, Parole, Judiciary, Prosecution, Bar Councils and Bar Associations through state of the art training programs.
  6. To impart research based advocacy and lobbying for pro-people policy changes.
  7. To create community paralegals to serve as grassroots advocates to help local community.
  8. To promote rights of women and children and struggle towards ending violence against women and girls and children at all levels.
  9. To empower women and youth through their awareness and capacity building.
  10. To support youthful offenders and Men/Women Prisoners (Under Trail and Convicted) and to help them rehabilitate and reintegrate in the society.
  11. To advance and strengthen laws, policies and their Implementation;
  12. To strive towards building a comprehensive network for all the stakeholders working on Rule of Law and Human Rights.
  13. To encourage social and legislative actions for eradication of all kinds of discrimination from the society.
  14. To support organizational development of civil society organizations and build the capacity of young emerging community leaders through capacity building and providing them technical and legal assistance.


  • We believe in democracy, rule of law, human right’s protection, peace building and dignity.
  • We believe in progressive and inclusive society where all citizens are free to participate fully in civic, economic, social and cultural life.
  • We believe in addressing inequality, caring, sharing, nurturing of colleagues, friendly environment, mutual trust, respect, participatory decisions and encouragement.
  • We are committed for access to justice and quality education for all without discrimination.
  • We believe in:
    1. Transparency
    2. Accountability
    3. Participatory Decision Making
    4. Collective wisdom
    5. Neutrality
    6. Gender Equality
    7. Mutual Respect
    8. Humility
    9. Independence
    10. Equity & Justice
    11. Solidarity with People Living in Poverty and Exclusion

Strategic Goals 2018-22

Strategic plan of LRF defines its strategy, or direction, and makes decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. LRF has passed through a very struggling and learning phase so far and it has done a tremendous job to serve the development sector and enter into the core circle of civil society organizations. So far, LRF has earned a good name and has a good impression among policy makers as well as many of its partners in the development sector. LRF, however, has a lot to improve by taking advantage of its strengths and by mitigating its weaknesses gradually in a due course of time. LRF plans to develop and transform itself into an institution based on well define Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and its investment in competent core team who help improve its institutional building and enhances its sustainability.

In the backdrop of this realization, the key guiding strategic goals of LRF for the period of 2018-2022 are simple but very dynamic and progressive. These are:

  • Institutional Building of LRF and Strengthening Organization
  • Consolidating LRF Programmes and Diversifying Thematic Areas
  • Raising LRF’s Financial Portfolio
  • Efficient and Effective Use of Available Resources
  • Time Management
  • Risk Management
  • Adapt Approaches for Sustainability

In order to achieve above mentioned strategic goals of LRF, following actions are planned for next five years from 2018-2022:

  • Amending the name of the organization to “Legal Rights Foundation (LRF)”
  • Consolidating LRF’s work into Core Programme Areas
  • Induction of Core Team Members
  • Establishing Endowment Fund
  • Updating/printing Organizational Profile
  • Updating Organizational Policy Documents
  • Updating LRF’s Website Content
  • Updating / activating social media outlets
  • Carrying out Donor Mapping
  • Establish Donor Directory on LRF Thematic Areas
  • Expanding capacity and outreach of LRF’s established models of District Legal Aid Centres in all over Pakistan
  • Producing Annual Reports on regular basis.
  • Producing Quarterly E-Magazine “Hamaray Haqooq” and E-dissemination
  • Establishing a University and launch one of its faculty on Law in Karachi
  • Establish an Institute of Paralegal Training in Sindh
  • Producing project concept papers; writing/submitting detailed project proposals based on calls or solicited commitments; and strengthening alliances, networks and forums.
  • Registration with Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP).
  • Acquire the status of Tax exemption.
  • Registration with Economic Affair Division.
  • Copy right registration of LRF name and its Logo Copy Right and Patent Design.
  • Establish and strengthen Ending Violence Against Children network.