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Human Rights
Social Inclusion

LRF envision a democratic, just, peaceful and inclusive society wherein all citizens especially women, children, youth, persons with disabilities, minorities and transgender may live with equal protection of law, self-respect and dignity. LRF believes that more equality benefits not only the poor, but society as a whole.

The Program addresses inequalities, social inclusion and rights of poor and marginalized communities including women, children, minorities, transgender and persons with disabilities. LRF strives to strengthen, advance and promote rule of law in Pakistan so that all people can benefit from fair, equal, just and transparent justice system that will help ensure peaceful and inclusive Pakistan. LRF is creating community paralegals and peace ambassadors who serve as grassroots advocates to help local community to access justice and build peace and harmony.

LRF has established District Legal Aid Centers (DLACs) in 05 districts in Sindh including Karachi, Hyderabad, Thatta, Sukkur and Jacobabad and 02 in Punjab including Lodhran and Muzaffargarh. DLACs are providing legal awareness, legal aid and legal assistance, psycho social support, counseling to women, children (and victim of gender base violence), labor workers, persons with disabilities, minorities and transgender.