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Strategic Goals 2018-22

Strategic plan of LRF defines its strategy, or direction, and makes decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. LRF has passed through a very struggling and learning phase so far and it has done a tremendous job to serve the development sector and enter into the core circle of civil society organizations. So far, LRF has earned a good name and has a good impression among policy makers as well as many of its partners in the development sector. LRF, however, has a lot to improve by taking advantage of its strengths and by mitigating its weaknesses gradually in a due course of time. LRF plans to develop and transform itself into an institution based on well define Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and its investment in competent core team who help improve its institutional building and enhances its sustainability.

In the backdrop of this realization, the key guiding strategic goals of LRF for the period of 2022-2026 are simple but very dynamic and progressive. These are:

  1. Institutional Building of LRF and Strengthening Organization
  2. Consolidating LRF Programmes and Diversifying Thematic Areas
  3. Raising LRF’s Financial Portfolio
  4. Efficient and Effective Use of Available Resources
  5. Time Management
  6. Risk Management
  7. Adapt Approaches for Sustainability

In order to achieve above mentioned strategic goals of LRF, following actions are planned for next five years from 2022-2026:

  • Revision of official policies
  • Induction of missing Core Team Members
  • Establishing Endowment Fund
  • Establishing a Liaison Office in Islamabad
  • Develop regular Organizational Annual Plans and carryout proper monitoring and evaluation
  • Improve upon branding and media management
  • Ensure improvement in Communication
  • Establishment of an IT Unit at head office
  • Carrying out Donor Mapping
  • Establish Donor Directory on LRF Thematic Areas
  • Registration with Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP)
  • Registration with Economic Affair Division (EAD)
  • Copy right registration of LRF name and its Logo Copy Right and Patent Design