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LRF Emergency Flood Relief 2022

Rapid Needs Assessment

LRF mobilized its field teams to assess flood situation and the losses in its program areas. To have an informed response and scale of interventions, the Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) was conducted in flood-hit areas of Sindh including Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Dadu, Sanghar, Khairpur, Noshero Feroze, Umerkot and Thatta districts.  RNA was also conducted in Lasbela district of Balochistan and Rajanpur district in Punjab province which was financed by Save the Children.

A mix methodology was adopted comprising of the collection of qualitative and quantitative data through community based FGDs, KIIs with activists, departments, personnel of NGOs and INGOs, coupled with field-based Physical observations.RNA was conducted with the help of 125 Enumerators led by a NRA Coordinator for each district who attended a 3-Day Training Workshop before going into field.

A Rapid Needs Assessment Report was produced and was shared with development partners and government departments in Sindh with whom LRF has signed MOUs such as School Education & Literacy Department (SE&LD), Social Welfare Department, Women Development Department, and Sindh Child Protection Authority.

Coordination with Government

LRF always responds to emergencies and help the communities, especially of its programme areas, being suffering from disasters/pandemics in close coordination with Government and other stakeholders.

During ongoing Flood Emergency, LRF carried out its relief work in collaboration with line government departments. LRF wrote letters to Chief Minister-Sindh, Chief Secretary-Sindh and the Secretaries of relevant departments and shared with them the report of Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) of various districts of Sindh and the LRF’s Relief Operation plans.

 As a result of positive lobbying and coordination, LRF was declared as a Strategic Partner in Flood Response by the Government of Sindh. LRF is an active member of DRR Working Group of Government of Sindh. LRF is currently connected with Sindh Cabinet members who have been nominated by the CM Sindh for the supervision of relief activities and rehabilitation process of flood affected areas in Sindh. LRF also remains in contact with PDMA Sindh for data and other updates.

Distribution of Cooked Food

Once the incident of Heavy Rains and flooding in Sindh was reported, LRF immediately mobilized its field teams to identify the most affected and vulnerable communities for prompt relief activity. The unfortunate who last their homes and assets needed cooked food to survive as it was continuously raining and they were not been able to cook food.

LRF districted cooked rice along with bottles of mineral water among most deserving communities in Hyderabad, Dadu, Shikarpur and Jacobabad. LRF managed this quick humanitarian response from its own funds and funds raised through local philanthropy.

Humanitarian Support in Shelter

During ongoing Floods Emergency in Sindh, thousands of families were shelter-less on roadsides or on elevated places around their villages waiting for tents as the countless villages have been washed away by floods or are inundated. LRF team contributed to the relief efforts and distributed tents for shelter to the displaced families in flood-affected areas of Sindh Province. Instead of lying in open sky on the roads, it was lifesaving contribution that enabled families with children tolive under shelter.

So far LRF has distributed 762 shelter tents and 2,380 shelter kits among affected families in Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Dadu, Khairpur and Sanghar districts and established a number of well-designed Tent Cities to their ensure safety and harmony.The assistance have benefited6,099 flood affected communities/householdstill 26th October, 2022.

Distribution of Food Packs

Emergency food aid was considered vital to the thousands of people devastated by the worst flooding in Sindh province. LRF team assessed the food needs of the affected families and distributed food baskets among the families affected by the floods in a number of areas, cities and villages in the Sindh Province.The food items included Wheat Flour (Good Quality), Rice (Sella), Cooking Oil, Dal Moong, Dal Chana, Dal Masoor, Chili Powder, Mix Masala, Sugar, Tea, Salt, Match Box, Packing Bag weighing 75 kg per family.

So far, LRF team has districted 1,754 food baskets among the affected families in Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Dadu, Khairpur and Sanghar districts. This contribution has benefitted 8,770 persons including children, women and persons with disabilities.


Support in Non Food Items

Many families during the ongoing Floods Emergency in Sindh have lost their homes and assets and they also needed Non Food Items (NFIs) apart from relief in food ration. NFIs include Household Items such as kitchen utensils, floor mat, cooking stove, carnosine oil, water coolers, bath tub, mob or floor brush, blankets, cloth sheets, washing soap, bath soap, etc.

So far, LRF team has districted 2,380Kitchen Sets, 290 Household Kitsand 240 Hygiene Kits among the affected families in Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Dadu, Khairpur and Sanghar districts. This contribution has benefitted 8,770 persons including children, women and persons with disabilities.

Taking Care of Health, Hygiene and
Dignity of Women and Adolescent Girls

LRF has distributed 573 dignity kit items among women in Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Dadu, Khairpur and Sanghar districts of Sindh. Dignity kits contained hygiene and sanitary items, as well as other items explicitly tailored towards the local needs of women and girls of reproductive age in particular communities. Generic hygiene kits helped people improve cleanliness (with items such as soap, sanitary materials, toothbrushes and toothpaste).

The dignity kits were similar to basic hygiene kits that were distributed at the onset of emergencies.Dignity kits served a broader purpose that contained a wider range of items. Dignity kits helped women and girls maintain their dignity during ongoing humanitarian crises. Preserving dignity was essential to maintaining self-esteem and confidence, which is important to cope in stressful and potentially overwhelming humanitarian situations. Supporting women’s self-esteem and confidence also assists them in providing care and protection to their children.

Education in Flood Emergency

Under the LRF’s Education for All Program, Accelerated Learning centers (ALCs) were established and operated in the recent past in Shikarpur in partnership with Save the Children to cater the education needs of 2,300 girls. Recently, LRF is currently sustaining 50 ALCs in Shikarpur for 1,801 girls in partnership with Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Sindh.

LRF, with the support of Save the Children and Sindh Education Foundation-Government of Sindh, took the initiative of opening Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) to restore educational activity for 1,800+ learner girls in Shikarpur in its 05 UCs and 50 villages. LRF set up20 TLCs (Tent Schools) in all those villages in Shikarpur where the ALCs were damaged. LRF hasrecently established 35 more TLCs in Dadu, Sanghar and Khairpur districts to cater the educational needs of 1,050 children (50% girls).

Grants in PKR Million

Funding Source Funds Received
Development Partners 239
Corporate Social Responsibility 15
Local Philanthropy 07
Total: 67

Relief Provided

Relief ItemsDistribution
Relief Tents762
Shelter Kits2380
Food Packs1754
Household Kits290
Kitchen Sets2380
Dignity Kits573
Health & Hygiene Kit380
Temporary Learning Centers53

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